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At Camp Xcel, we have one main objective, which is we are THEE best in the LA area. We deliver RESULTS! Our high energy, boot camp sessions are geared towards weight loss and are fun, safe and PROVEN to deliver. We have helped thousands in the greater Los Angeles area to melt away thousands of pounds and WE WONT STOP! At Camp Xcel, it is our passion, our vision and our DUTY to provide the highest quality service while helping people change their lives. When you step foot into Camp Xcel, you can expect a friendly, enthusiastic and energetic atmosphere that's not only a place to workout and get fit but also a great place to make new friends with others in the area who have similar fitness goals. Our formula for delivering amazing results is second to none.

Introducing our 8 Week Summer Challenge

Tailored for those who dare to demand more from themselves and are eager to see real results.

  • Unmatched Expertise: Leverage the proven prowess of LA’s best fitness destination. Our boot camp sessions are designed for maximum weight loss, combining fun, safety, and effectiveness.

  • Community and Support: Immerse yourself in an environment where passion meets motivation. At Camp Xcel, you’re not just a member; you’re part of a family committed to each other’s success.

  • Real Results: With a track record of helping thousands in the greater Los Angeles area melt away pounds, our commitment to your transformation is unwavering.

  • Unlimited Access: Gain unlimited access to heart bumping workouts, a comprehensive meal guide blueprint, personalized accountability, and a supportive community.

Crush your fitness goals with our all-inclusive program designed to help you achieve lasting results.




30 Day Trial - ONLY $99

Try us for 30 Days. Unlimited Workouts, Good Energy & Good Sweat Sesh!

Where to Find Us

13450 Paramount Blvd
South Gate, Ca 90280

Session Schedule

Monday: 5:15AM/ 6:15AM/ 7:15AM

5:15PM/ 6:15PM/ 7:15PM/ 8:15PM


Tuesday: 5:15AM/ 6:15AM/ 7:15AM

5:15PM/ 6:15PM/ 7:15PM/ 8:15PM


Wednesday: 5:15AM/ 6:15AM/ 7:15AM

5:15PM/ 6:15PM/ 7:15PM/ 8:15PM


Thursday: 5:15AM/ 6:15AM/ 7:15AM

5:15PM/ 6:15PM/ 7:15PM/ 8:15PM


Friday:5:15AM/ 6:15AM/ 7:15AM



Saturday: Closed Sunday: Closed


Our Mission

Provide a sustainable way of living through fitness & Nutrition. 

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